A Blackfriars’ Education

Blackfriars Academy is a mixed special school of approximately 125 pupils, covering an age range of 11 to 19, with a range of physical, learning, medical and sensory needs who come from North and Central Staffordshire and the Unitary Authority of Stoke-on-Trent.

Case Studies

Introduction: A Collection of Case Studies to inform provision in Stoke on Trent for students with SEND An introduction: In 2019, the Opportunity Area in Stoke on Trent commissioned Blackfriars Teaching School Alliance to review the quality of education for pupils...

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All students admitted to Blackfriars have an Education, Health Care Plan (EHCP). See how a Blackfriars’ education is organised to meet the students’ Communication and Interaction targets; their Cognitive and Learning targets, their Social, Mental and Emotional targets and their Physical and sensory targets.

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Questioning Pathway

What does our questioning pathway look like? Our questioning pathway leads our students on a journey of self-discovery. Based on foundations of inclusiveness and self-awareness, students grow in confidence through developing an enquiring and questioning mind, as well...

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Exploratory Pathway

What does our exploratory pathway look like? At Blackfriars, we endeavour to develop the potential of each individual through the use of our Exploratory Pathway. The key elements of school life will focus on : Our Exploratory Pathway endeavours to develop the...

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Immersive Pathway

What does our immersive pathway look like? The Immersive Pathway is for those pupils who need a range of multi-sensory experiences to make sense of their world and to stimulate engagement and interaction. Through structured, repetitive immersive environments and...

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