What does our exploratory pathway look like?

At Blackfriars, we endeavour to develop the potential of each individual through the use of our Exploratory Pathway. The key elements of school life will focus on :

Our Exploratory Pathway endeavours to develop the potential of each individual student

We support pupils with Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) where necessary, encouraging them to listen, through modelled speech, and be listened to giving them the freedom to ask questions and communicate key information from home, the school day and topic-related vocabulary

* Pupils are encouraged to take ownership in developing their independence and learn skills for life (link to café) – with support they learn social skills including finding ways to keep themselves clean; why it’s important to use good manners and how to greet people; discovering how they can help with simple tasks around the home and how to prepare simple drinks and snacks.

* Pupils are encouraged to take part in and enjoy a wide range of physical activities – including swimming, Rebound therapy, sensory circuits, yoga & relaxation which helps develop their confidence as well as fine and gross motor skills. Pupils also follow programmes advised by the physiotherapist or OT.

* Literacy and numeracy skills are developed in a variety of meaningful and engaging cross-curricular topics and real-life activities; enabling pupils to explore reading, recording and maths in practical familiar situations. Numbers, quantity, times and money are further investigated through play and exploration.

All of the curriculum is delivered in a nurturing, purposeful and enjoyable environment by a team led by qualified teachers who are experts in teaching students with SEND. This team approach ensures that pupils receive a bespoke education and learning experience personalised to their needs. Assessment is ongoing throughout their journey on the Exploratory pathway, providing a direction for learning that is relevant to the individuals’ needs.

Come and discuss your child’s needs and find out more about our Exploratory Pathway, a pathway underpinned by 23 years of ‘outstanding’ teaching as rated by OFSTED.


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