Amanda Morrall

I came to Blackfriars for 6 weeks and 20 years later I am still here!

I started working at Blackfriars and loved it, so I took my qualifications and started working in the Conductive Education department working with pupils from 3 years to 16 years, I found my time invaluable and a good foundation for working with pupils to maximise their physical independence, and helped to introduce the Mobility Opportunities via Education, M.O.V.E programme. I worked closely with the physiotherapists within the Conductive Education task series, I worked with parents and students in the BEARs group for a smooth transition to Blackfriars when we had the primary department.

Whilst in the Conductive Education department I primarily work with students with complex needs and I found out very quickly this is where I wanted to be.

I began to lead classes in 2016 still working with the Immersive pathway pupils from years 7-11. My particular interests are all aspects of communication and a multi-sensory curriculum. I qualified as a swimming instructor to enable the students to have extra opportunities towards enhancing their physical management.